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Help For Using This Site

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  • Creating Your Account
  • Why do I need an account?
    You will need to create an account for yourself before you can either create or enter leagues. Once you create a personal account you will be able to create or add the club whose shooters wish to enter the leagues on this site. You will find all these options on the My Account page once you have created your account.
  • Username
    Your Username will be private and is used purely for logging in to this site. You can choose a Username with between 6 and 16 characters (alpha numeric) including spaces.
  • Password
    Your Password must be between 6 and 16 characters (alpha numeric plus any other characters) but NO spaces. The password will be securely encrypted. Should you forget your password this system does not save it for you and you will need to create a new one. Should you forget your password during log in you will need to click on the Forgot Password? link. Follow instructions and a verification email will be sent to you. You will need to click on the link within that email and change your password on the page that you are directed to.
  • Contact address
    You must include your current address here. Your address will be needed if you are entering competitions as a shooter, or as a club official if entering leagues. Please ensure this address is kept up to date. NB None of your contact address details will be visible to users of this site.
  • Telephone numbers
    You will need to provide at least one contact telephone number. NB None of your contact details will be visible to users of this site unless you are an official for a club or other organisation, when your details will be available to users who add your club or association to their account.
  • Email address
    You will not be able to create an account without a valid email address. Please ensure that this is an email address that you check regularly. NB Your email address will not be visible to any other user on this site. If others wish to contact you via the website they will be given the opportunity to do so via an online form that will be sent to your email address.
  • Managing Your Account
  • Editing your account
    If you need to edit anything in your account details simply click on the little green pencil icon in the top of the Account Holder Details panel.

    NB, you do not need to enter anything in the Password box unless you wish to change it.

    Please also note that if you save your password in your browser that it will be displayed as a series of black dots in your password input box every time you come to the site.
  • Clubs and Associations
  • Why do I need to add a club or association
    If you are an official representing a club that wishes to enter leagues on this site then you will need to add that club to your personal account. If you are an individual you do not need to add a club or association unless you have been nominated as an official for that club or association.
  • Create or add a club or association
    If you are new to this site and have just created an account and wish to add your club to be able to enter leagues, click on the Add symbol at the top of the panel. Start to type your club name. If your club name appears in the drop down box as you type then it means that it has already been created by another official on this site. Please contact that official and ask them to allow you permission to administer functions within the club's online account (they will need to contact us to do this for them, for the time being). If your club name does not appear as you start to type then continue typing the club name and fill in all the relevant details about the organisation. Please note that if someone else has created the club or association on the system that you will not be able to edit the details for that organisation without permission.
  • Information required for club/association
    You need to include an abbreviated name for your club or association, as this name will be used in various places on the site, as well as on league stickers. It needs to be up to 12 characters. If you do not enter an abbreviated name, the system will truncate it to 12 characters. You do not need to provide an address as your own personal address will be used for sending league stickers to. If your organisation has a fixed contact address and telephone number you can include it here. You must provide a current contact email address for this club so that enquiries can be sent there.
  • Managing Clubs and Associations
  • The Manage button
    Once you have one or more clubs or associations added to your account you can manage them by clicking on the 'Manage' button within the panel. Once you click on that button you will be in a position to manage your club's shooters, enter leagues and create your own organisation's web pages. You will notice that the menu across the top of the site changes once you are given more permissions in relation to leagues.
  • How to manage more than one club or association
    If you are official of more than one club or association and you have added those organisations to your account then you will notice a little drop down list field on the top right of your screen that says: You are managing... Whichever club or association is selected in that field will be the one you are managing. When you change that you will be managing your other organisation. You will see your organisation's name at the top of the site.

    The menu along the top will also change with the permissions you have for each of your organisations.
  • Club or association officials
    If you wish to allow another person permission to administer your organisation's account, that person will need to add your organisation to their own personal account. You will then need to contact Rifle Leagues via the Contact page to ask us to allow permissions for that person. This is a temporary issue as you will soon be able to grant permissions to anyone you wish to administer any aspect of your organisation's account. That feature is on our 'To Do' list!
  • Removing clubs or associations
    If you are no longer associated with an organisation, you can remove it from your account by clicking on the little green and pink pencil rubber icon. Please note that this will not delete it from the database but simply remove it from your account.
  • Organisation Management
  • The Organisation Admin page
    Depending on which organisation you are managing, the options available to you are dependent upon the permissions you have within that organisation. If you added a club or association to your account that someone else had previously created, then you will not automatically have the chance to manage that organisation on this site. Once you have been granted permission to do so then you will be able to manage aspects that organisation.

    You can also add, edit or delete your organisation's webpages or add shooters to your club via the links on the Organisation Admin page.
  • Organisation Web Pages
  • Creating and managing your organisation's web pages
    To add a web page to your 'mini site' click on the little + symbol on the top right of the 'Manage Organisation's Web Pages' panel. If you are creating web pages for a club then those pages will be saved in the database but will not be viewable to the website's visitors. You will be able to test the pages by clicking on the link of the name of the page in your Web Pages panel.

    You will be able to see Club webpages in the next update to the Rifles Leagues website.
  • Adding Web Pages
  • Web page types
    There are four preset web page types to simplify building web pages: Home Page, About Us, Contact, and Rules and Regs - you can find a description of each of these pages below. You can only create one of each of these pages. The Custom type of page is one you can create over again.
  • Home web page
    The Home page of your 'mini site' will be the page that welcomes visitors. You will want to have information about your club or organisation that will catch the visitor's attention. You will only be able to create one Home page, although you can delete it and recreate it should you need to. This will be the first page viewed when a visitor clicks on the link of your club/association's name. You can limit your 'mini' site to just this page and the contact page if you wish to keep the information available to a minimum.
  • About us web page
    You don't actually need to include any other pages for your 'mini site' other than the Home Page and the Contact Page, as you can include all information on the Home Page. The About Us page could include information about your club or association, such as joining instructions.
  • Contact web page
    Although you don't have to have a Contact page on your 'mini site' it does have a built in contact form, which is better than displaying your email address to the world.

    Whichever email address you include when you build this page (enter it in the contact email field), be sure it's one you check regularly AND is correct! This email address will not be displayed on this website. You can add more than one recipient's email address in the email address field should you wish more than one person to receive email contact from the site. Separate each email address with a semi colon ';'.

    In the text field, you may wish to include a message to the visitor including a contact telephone number, etc. You can also include any information on your club's opening hours or address, if appropriate.
  • Rules & Regs web page
    This page is entirely optional but is useful if you run competitions or leagues as you can display the rules for them here.
  • Custom web page
    You can create any page for your 'mini site' using this page type and you can also use it more than once. The content of these pages can be anything you may choose about your club or association. Check the help on Menu Links and Page Titles.
  • Menu link and page titles
    The Menu Link Title field shouldn't be very long as it will be included in a sub menu below your organisation name, on the left hand side menu of this site. You need to be succinct and clear as to what the page is about. E.g. the 'About Us' page is clearly about the organisation. The Page Title can be longer, if you wanted, as that is only shown on the page when you click the link in the menu. The page title will be suffixed with the name of your organisation. You can see how this works by viewing other associations' pages within this site.
  • Page content
    If you wanted to simplify matters and paste the copy for your pages from a Word document, then you can do so by clicking your mouse inside the text editor page and then clicking on the little W icon button. This should copy any formatting the copy had in Word. You can copy and paste from any location and then format the text in the web text editor if needs be. Alternatively, you can type directly into the text box and format the text as you go along. You will find that the formatting options are similar to other word processing programmes. You can test how your page looks by clicking on the page name link in your list of created pages. You can edit your pages at any time by clicking on the little green pencil icon. Be sure to click on the Update Page button as changes won't be saved if you don't! NB. You can open the text editor to full page by clicking on the little button with the 4 arrows pointing to the corners. But be aware - you must bring the full page back down to the smaller editor (by clicking on the same button) before you can save it.
  • Deleting pages
    If you need to delete pages of your 'mini site' simply click on the little green and pink pencil rubber icon.
  • Log in to your Account
  • Your log in details
    Your log in details will be the same as the ones you saved in your account. Both your username and password are case sensitive.
  • Forgotten log in details
    If you have forgotten your log in details then simply enter the email address you saved on your account. An email will be sent with a link that you will need to click on to reset your username or password. This link will only last 24hrs.
  • Your Club's Shooters
  • Adding shooters
    Any shooters currently saved in your club's account will be listed on the left. To add a new shooter to the club click on the little + icon on the top right of the shooter's panel. Fill in the fields, although you don't have to fill in telephone number or email address. These fields are for your reference only and are not shown anywhere on the site. The NGB or affiliation number is also only there for you to store your shooters' details should you wish.

    If your shooter is a junior, click in the relevant little box and then add their year of birth. This is because some leagues award prizes to junior shooters and this will highlight who they are to the organisers.
  • Editing shooters
    To edit a shooter in your list, click on the little green pencil edit button alongside that shooter's name. Edit the fields you need to change and then click on the Update Shooter button below.
  • Removing shooters
    If a shooter no longer belongs to your club, or no longer shoots, then you can remove him/her from the club's account by clicking on the little pink and green rubber icon to the right of their name. Please note that this does not remove this shooter from the database, and their past results will still be viewable on this site.
  • Manage Leagues
  • Which leagues can I enter?
    You can enter any 'Open' leagues on this site. The leagues that will be displayed in your 'Enter Leagues' page will be those that you have entered previously.

    To find other 'Open' leagues click on the different League Organisation listed on the left and select any of their upcoming leagues in the panel below their menu.

    Leagues that are 'Closed' will only be available to you if you have entered them before. Contact their League Organiser for more details via their Contact page.
  • How do I find information about the leagues I can enter?
    You should be able to find information on the leagues available for entry within the mini sites for each of the League Organisations listed in the left hand menu. You can also move your mouse pointer over the little 'i' icon alongside the list of league competitions in the League Entry panel/s shown in your League Entry page, accessed from Enter Leagues in the menu along the top of the site.
  • How do I enter 'Closed' leagues?
    'Closed' leagues are those that the organisers restrict entry to certain clubs or shooters. If you have previously participated in these closed leagues, using this or the previous website, then those closed leagues should be 'open' to you, and therefore listed on your Enter Leagues page.

    If you check the rules and regulations for the organisation running the leagues you will see what is required to be eligible to enter. You will then need to contact the league organisers to ask for permission to enter.
  • How do I enter the leagues?
    You will need to make sure you have a club added to your account for you to be able to enter leagues, and that you have added shooters in the Organisation Admin section of this site.

    If there are open leagues displayed in your Enter Leagues page, then you need to click on the Enter Now button within each league competition displayed.

    If you are new to this site you will need to select one of the League Organisations listed on the left of this site, and then select their Upcoming Leagues listed in the panel below the menu.

    The different competitions within each League Organisation's leagues will be listed in a blue panel in the Enter Leagues page.

    Once you have clicked on one of these competitions (at a time) you will then need to enter your shooters into that competition on the next page. Follow the instructions on that page.
  • How do I complete my league entry?
    When you have entered all your shooters into the different competitions that make up the league you are entering, you will need to finalise your entry by clicking on the 'Summarise Entry' button below the list of competitions.

    This will take you to another page that shows a list of all your entries, the amount owing, and where to send payment. There is also a Print button. When you click on this button the system will send both you and the League Secretary an email confirmation of your entry.

    NB. This entry will only become final once the Enter By date has passed when you will no longer be able to edit the entries. You will be able to edit your entry any time up until that date.
  • Adding Shooters to Leagues
  • There are no shooters in my drop down list
    You must add shooters to your club account via the Organisation Admin link found in the orange menu along the top of the page. You will need to be logged into your account.
  • What average should I enter and can I change the system average?
    If your club's shooters have previously entered any of the leagues offered on this site, their average for the discipline they are entering will be supplied by the system (only if they entered that particular discipline previously). The average will be calculated across the whole of the previous season's 10 rounds. If your shooter didn't take part in the previous season's league then an average will not be provided by the system.

    You will then need to provide the shooter's known current average, whether that is the current NSRA average or based on the criteria required by the League Organisation.

    If you change the system average you may be asked for proof of this change by the League Organisers. League Organisers will be alerted to changes to system averages and you will be shown the change in the League Entry Summary screen as it will highlighted in red.
  • How will I know my shooters are entered into the league?
    Your shooters are automatically added to the entry database once their names are selected from the drop down list. You will be able to see the confirmation of their entry once you finalise your club's entry on the Enter Leagues page.

    Once you have finished adding your shooters and teams, click on the 'Back' button, or on the 'Enter Leagues' link in the blue menu along the top of the page. You will then be able to summarise and complete your entry.

    NB. You can edit or change your shooters at any point by returning to this page.
  • League Entry Summary
  • Can I come back later and change or cancel my entry?
    You can edit or add to your entry at any time until the cut off date for entries, which will be shown in each League Entry panel. Simply click on the little green pencil 'Edit' icon against any of the competitions within the league and you will be taken to the page that shows your shooters entered into that competition.

    You can also delete or cancel your entry/entries at any time by clicking on the pink rubber icon after each shooter's name, or team entry.
  • What does the SysAve in red mean?
    The SysAve entry in your summary shows, in red, the average that the system holds for your shooter/s following their entry into the previous season's competition. If there are two averages shown against any shooter, in both black and red text, then this means that you have provided an alternative average that isn't the same as the system calculated one. Any changed average will be sent to the League Organisers who may wish for proof, or justification, for that change. If in doubt, contact the League Organiser to discuss which average you should use.
  • Do I need to print my entry?
    You will need to print your entry depending on whether the League Organisation requires a printed copy of your entry or not, with your payment.

    However, you will still need to press the 'Print Entry' button as that takes you to another page which provides all the payment details for the leagues and tells you where to send the payment.

    When you click 'Print Entry' this also sends you an automated email from the site to show the entry you have made, as well as sending an identical email to the League Organiser.
  • Enter Scores
  • Enter Scores
    If you have entered any leagues, then an Enter Scores panel will be displayed on your Manage Leagues page and along the blue Leagues menu at the top of the page, but ONLY AFTER the league entry date has passed and the League Organiser has set up the leagues. This will happen in advance of when the first round's scores will be due. Clicking on the Enter Scores link will take you to a page that will list all the shooters and teams in the leagues you have entered.
  • Where do I enter scores
    Click on 'Enter Scores' link in the blue League menu along the top of the page. This will take you through to another page where you will find the leagues listed that your shooters have entered.
  • What are the dates along the top of the Enter Scores panel?
    The dates are the Round End dates set by the League Organisers for the competition. All scores have to be entered by midnight of that date.
  • When can I enter scores?
    You will be able to start entering scores for your shooters once the league entry date has passed and the League Organiser has set up the leagues.

    You can enter scores for your shooters at any time, up until midnight of the Round End date of the current round. You can also enter scores for any rounds shot in advance of the current round. You do not need to wait until the current round has finished.

    You will not be able to enter any scores once the round end date has passed.
  • Why are some Round End dates and scores in grey type?
    These rounds are now passed and are uneditable. They are 'greyed out' for that reason. If you have problems with scores entered in these past rounds, contact the League Organisers.
  • How do I enter my shooters' scores
    Place your cursor inside the box corresponding to your shooter in the column under the round number you wish to add the score for. Type the score in the box and use your TAB key or mouse to move the cursor to another box. The scores you enter will be saved, automatically, unless you have entered an invalid score.
  • How do I know what scores to enter?
    If you do not know the scoring system for this competition, it will be stated at the top of each Enter Scores panel in red text. You can find more information on each competition by checking out the League Information pages of the League Organisation in the left hand menu. If in doubt, contact the League Organiser of this competition.
  • How do I know the scores I have entered are saved?
    Scores will be saved automatically in the system as soon as you move your cursor away from the box you are typing in. If you do not remove your cursor from the box then the score will be saved after 2 seconds.
  • Why have the scores I have entered turned green?
    Scores will turn green, after you have entered them, when the system validates that the correct score has been entered. When you revisit the page, the scores will be black unless the Round End date has passed, when they will be 'greyed out'.
  • Why has the score I entered turned red?
    The score will turn to red text if the system cannot validate the score your have entered, e.g. if you enter a score of 220 when the scoring system for that competition is ex200, points scored. Check the scoring system for this competition on the top of the Enter Scores panel where it will be highlighted in red text above the round dates. For more information visit the League Information pages for the League Organisation in the left hand menu.
  • I have noticed a mistake I made in entering scores
    If the score in question is 'greyed out', you will need to contact the League Organisers for this competition to ask if they can change scores for you, if appropriate. If the score is still black, and therefore before the 'Round End' date, then you can amend it. NB, League Organisers do call in cards for checking on a random basis and your targets will need to show the corrected scores that are entered on this site.

    You will not be able to delete a score you entered mistakenly. You will need to ask the League Organiser to do this for you.
  • Viewing Results
  • How can I view results?
    You will find the results for all the leagues hosted on this site by clicking on the League Organisations, listed on the left, and selecting any of their competitions listed in the pale blue box in the left hand menu.