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How to Enter our Leagues - Cambridgeshire Target Shooting Association

How to Enter our Leagues

Please follow these instructions on how to use this site to enter our leagues

If you have previously entered our online, self-scoring leagues via our old site (cambridgeshireshooting.com), this new site basically offers all the same functions as the old one but with a lot more bells and whistles! There are a lot of hidden functions that will be revealed as we progress through the coming season and hopefully, as our previous users acclimatise to this new site, anything new added won't come as too much of a shock!

As always, we do not accept individual shooters into our leagues and therefore you must enter under the banner of a club. You can be the only shooter in your club to enter but you must have an official within your club who is prepared to witness and sign off your cards. You and your club official must also be familiar with the NSRA rules and regulations on shooting and scoring.

1. Create an Account

If you have previously used our online league site at cambridgeshireshooting.com then your log in details will be exactly the same as they were. Simply log in to your account and make sure that all details are completely up to date. If you have never used our site before then click on Create Account in the orange menu above and fill in all required fields. Do bear in mind that the League Secretary requires all this information from you to both contact you and to send league information and stickers to. So, it's vital that you keep this information up to date!

2. Add/Update your Club Details

If you have previously used our site as a club official then your club will already be associated with your personal account. In the orange menu above, click on My Account. Your personal details will be shown on the left and the club you are associated with will be shown on the right hand side. You will need to update the details of your club by clicking on the little green pencil 'edit' icon. You do not need to provide the physical address of your club, unless you want to, but you will need to fill in the email address and telephone number of the person who would be your club's contact point. These details are NOT displayed anywhere on this website but will be used when the club's Contact Form is selected on the site.

If you have never used our site before then you will need to add your club to your account if you wish to enter any leagues or competitions. Click on the + icon in the Add Club panel on the right hand side. As you start to type in the Club/Association box, other clubs already registered with the site will appear below the input box with the same letters that you are typing. Please be sure that you don't replicate your club if it is already listed on the site. If your club is already listed you will need to add that one by clicking on its name in the list. You will then need to contact the League Secretary to enble you to be an official of this particular club.

3. Adding Shooters to your Club Account

Once you are associated with your club then another menu item will be added to the orange menu above - Organisation Admin. Click on this link. On this page you will see an orange panel which says Manage Club Shooters. Click on that panel and, if you have used our online system before, you will see all your club's shooters listed. If you haven't used our system then there will be none listed.

If you have shooters listed then you can remove or edit those shooters by clicking on the little green/pink 'delete' icon to the right of their name or on the little green pencil 'edit' icon. NB. If you delete any shooter from your club you are not removing that person from the system, but simply 'hiding' them from your account. Please make sure that their names are correct.

If there are no shooters listed then you will need to add them by clicking on the + icon at the top of the panel and filling in the details. Please do fill in the relevant fields that let us know whether your shooters are male/female/junior as we use this information when awarding certain prizes in our leagues.

Please do not use all capital letters when typing any information on this site. If you already have used all capitals on the old site, could you please edit your shooters' names to both upper and lower case letters.

4. Entering Leagues

Click on the Enter League link in the pale blue menu above. The page that will open will display separate panels for the Open leagues available for you to enter. Under the CTSA panel you will see all the available competitions within that league you can enter along with the closing date for entry. Click on the Enter Now button next to each competition you wish to enter your shooters into.

You will be taken to a box to add the shooters you wish to enter into that competition. By clicking on the + icon a 'Select Shooter' field will be shown and by clicking on 'Select Shooter' a list of your shooters will be shown. You can click on a name and they will be automatically added to the competition. If they shot in the previous league their calculated average will be provided in the 'Ave' box below their name. If they didn't shoot in the previous league the 'Ave' box will be empty. Please provide that shooter's current average for the discipline he/she is entering. * Please see below about system averages.

NB You do not need to click anywhere to Save your shooters as the system automatically saves them once you've added them. You can edit the list later.

When you've finished adding shooters click on the Enter League link above or the 'enter' word in the breadcrumbs or click on your browser's Back button. This will take you back to the main Enter Leagues page. You will see that the competition you have just entered no longer has Enter Now against it but a little green pencil 'edit' icon. You can edit your entry if you wish.

Continue in this way until you have entered all the competitions within the league. When you have completed your entry click on the Finalise Entry button at the bottom. This will take you through to a summary page of all your club's entries. It will show you (and the League Secretary) any changes made to your shooters' averages and it will also show you how much you owe for your entries.

You can edit your entries at this point should you wish. Once you are happy with your entries then click on the Print Entries button. This will open a browser page that is 'print friendly'. Print as you normally would from your browser. This page will give you all the information on who to make payment to as well as where to send payment. By printing this page an email is generated that will be sent to you and the League Secretary with your club's entries.

NB You will be still be able to edit your entries at any point up until the entry close date by logging into your account and following the procedure above.

*How the system works out averages

If your club has entered our leagues before, the system will calculate your shooters' averages based on these criteria:

  1. If they are shooting in the current league (i.e. the one that is running at the time of a new league being opened for entries) then all rounds' scores, already shot, will be used to calculate an average for the new league's entry as long as the shooter has provided scores for two or more rounds. The later an entry is made for a new season's league the more rounds' scores will be used to calculate an average for your shooters.
  2. If less than two rounds have been completed in the currently running league then scores from the preceding league will be used.
  3. If less than two rounds have been completed in the currently running league and the shooter didn't participate in the preceding league, of if they did participate but provided less than two scores, then no system average will be provided.