Walk-Through for Clubs

If you wish to enter leagues that are run by League Organisers on this site, please follow these instructions to help you get started. If you need help, please contact Tech Support.

Simple steps to help Clubs get started using this site:

  1. Click on the 'Create Account' button on the top right of the Rifle Leagues site
  2. 2. Create your own PERSONAL account first - as an 'official' of your Club, your contact details will be required by the league organiser to email and send stickers to. Please make sure you keep these details up to date.
  3. from your newly created Dashboard click on the 'Add Club' link in your 'My Account' panel.
  4. If your club hasn't used on this site before, click on Option 3.
  5. Add your club’s name. The club contact details should ideally be those of the club secretary or chair, but bear in mind that if you create a Club Contact page in your web pages on this site, then the email address you include here will be where emails from the Rifle Leagues website will be sent.
  6. If someone else has already registered your club on the site and you wish to be added to the officials who can enter leagues on Rifle Leagues then select Option 2 and start typing the name of your club. Select it from the list. Because of GDPR and privacy rules you will not have full permissions to manage shooters for your club so follow the Help on the Dashboard to Request Permissions of previous officials. Please do NOT add a duplicate club and shooters.
  7. You will need to add the League Organisers to your Dashboard so you can see and enter their Upcoming Leagues.
  8. Click on the 'Add League Organisation’ link on your Dashboard.
  9. Select Option 1 in the panel that appears in the middle of your Dashboard. Type the name of the League Organisation whose leagues you wish to enter. Click 'Add’. This will add that organisation to your menu and all their Upcoming Leagues will be shown in a panel on the top right of your Dashboard. Once their leagues are open for entry, you’ll be able to enter them.
  10. You will need to add your club shooters to the club account before you can enter them into the leagues. Click on the 'Manage Shooters’ link in your Dashboard club panel. Click on the 'Add Shooter’ button.
  11. Enter the shooter’s details, providing a first name initial if the shooter would prefer their full name isn’t published. Please make sure your shooters are happy for their details to be used on the site. Check out our Privacy Policy. You do not need to fill in the NGB/Membership number, unless it is required by the League Organisers. The same applies to juniors/veterans/M/F
  12. When your shooters are added to your account, click on the 'Enter Leagues’ link in your club panel. If there are Upcoming Leagues showing on your Dashboard, then those leagues will be listed in the Enter Leagues panel. Click on the 'Enter’ button against the league you wish to enter.
  13. Select the league competition/s you wish your shooters to enter in the list on the following page. A panel will appear in the middle of the page with the description of the league competition, along with details of whether the competition can be shot concurrently with other competitions and what the average required is for your shooters.
  14. Click on 'Enter a Shooter’ and select the shooter’s name from the drop-down list. If that shooter hasn’t entered this league competition on this site before, then the 'Average’ box will be empty. Add the shooter’s average using the 'Average Required’ in the competition details. If the shooter has shot in this competition before (on this site) then the system will provide an average based on the most recent results this shooter has achieved.
  15. If the competition can be shot concurrently (where a shooter will only need to shoot one target and the score will be applied to more than one linked competition), then that information will be in the league description. If the League Organiser is giving shooters the option to shoot concurrently then you will need to ask your shooters. If they do not wish to shoot competitions concurrently (i.e. they wish to shoot a target for each competition and provide individual scores) then do not tick the 'Shoot Concurrently’ tick-box. Make sure the tick box is selected if the shooter wishes to shoot concurrently. You will then only need to enter scores once, in one of the linked concurrent competitions, and the scores will be added to the other competitions automatically. If the League Organiser is giving you no choice but to shoot concurrently, then the tick box will be greyed out. If the competition can’t be shot concurrently, then there will be no tick box at all. Refer to the 'Help’.
  16. When you’ve entered all the competitions you wish to enter in the League, click on the 'Summary & Payment’ button. This will provide you with a summary of your entry and when you click on the 'Confirm & Send’ button, an email will be sent to you and the League Organiser. The email will provide payment details.
  17. You can edit or remove your entry at any point up until the League Close date.
  18. The League Organiser will send you stickers in due course.
  19. You will not be able to see any details in the Results pages until the league opens. You will also not be able to enter any scores until the league opens.
  20. Make sure you check the 'Enter Scores By’ dates on the 'Enter Scores’ page as they may not be the Round End Dates. League Organisers can set a 'Shoot By’ date, which could be up to two weeks before the 'Round End’ date. You will not be able to see results until immediately after the Round End date. You must enter scores by the dates shown for each round.

Good Luck! And please don’t hesitate to contact Tech Support if you need any help, and check out all the Help pages on the site.