What this site has to offer...

Rifle Leagues is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) site. This means that our online software provides users with a service – in our case we provide rifle and pistol league management facilities for traditional ‘postal leagues’ run by NGBs, County and Regional Rifle and Pistol Associations

This site revolutionises the way that target shooting leagues and competitions, previously run as postal leagues, can be managed in a fraction of the time and with the minimum amount of work required. Create virtually any league format or shoulder to shoulder competition and let clubs enter their shooters online from their own accounts; create stickers, score sheets and address labels at the click of a button; choose whether you wish to allow local scoring at club level or whether you would prefer central scorers to enter competitors’ scores online; apply penalties and allow extensions or substitutions.

This website offers a simple and efficient platform for target shooting league and competition organisers to run their competitions online, for club captains to enter those competitions on behalf of their club shooters, and provide a clear and easy way for shooters to view their results immediately after the round end dates.

For League Organisers

League Organisers can create a link from their website to their leagues run on the Rifle Leagues website so their participants can easily find league entry links, league information and league results. The system enables league organisers to create virtually any format of competition with virtually any permutation of the following features:

  • Create any number of leagues or competitions that can be run concurrently
  • Set any number of rounds or stages to each competition
  • Enable concurrent shooting option for shooters
  • Enable team or individual entries
  • Set round/stage end dates
  • Set Shoot-by dates that are a set number of days before the round/stage end date
  • Apply different ranking formats including ‘aggregate’, Round Robin, gun-score, ‘x’ scoring (benchrest)
  • Apply up to 3 sets of Course of Fire per round/stage (e.g. Double Dewar would require 2 sets)
  • Apply up 6 separate scores for each set per round/stage (e.g. P,S,K would require 3 scores per set)
  • Set Entry Fees per competition
  • Set leagues into divisions of any size, move shooters between divisions, set ‘classes’ and apply minimum averages for those classes.
  • Automatically create target stickers and score sheets to send to clubs/competitors

Other management features for League Organisers:

  • Grant permissions to other officials to manage aspects of their organisation’s competitions
  • Grant permissions for local and regional scorers to enter competitors’ scores
  • Enter scores for all competitors or allow local club or regional scorers to enter scores for each round/stage
  • Apply penalty points
  • Allow extensions
  • Make substitutions to team members
  • Create Organisation web pages to display in the menu
  • Run shoulder to shoulder competitions on the site
  • Communicate with clubs participating in their leagues
  • Enter Organisation’s own shooters (e.g. County shooters) into other competitions/leagues run on the site

The system will regularly be updated with new features as the site is a work in progress. Any feature that a league organiser feels would enhance their experience of using the site would be considered. Please let us know if there is a feature you would like to see added.

For Club Captains

At present, we only allow club shooters to enter into leagues run on this site. Individual entries would need to be made as a member of a club and their entry would need to be done under the banner of that club. Full instructions are provided in the Help section.

What clubs can do on this site:

  • Manage their club shooters
  • Enter their shooters into any open leagues or competitions run on the site
  • Check to enable their shooters to shoot two or more competitions (e.g. individual and team comps) concurrently
  • Enter their shooters’ scores before each ‘shoot-by’ or round end date, unless the organisers have a regional or central scorer to enter scores
  • Grant permissions to other club officials to perform certain aspects of their club’s online presence, such as managing shooters, entering leagues or entering scores
  • Create web pages for the club
  • View results for league/competitions entered on the site
  • Clubs can run their own internal leagues or competitions on the site. Please contact us about this.