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We'll update this list as we go along with questions we receive from you.
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  • Why can't I access the Enter Scores page after entering leagues?
    You will not be able to access the Enter Scores page for any leagues you have entered until the league is set to 'start'. This will only happen after the league entry date has passed and the league organiser is ready for scores to be entered. Check the entry close date and the league organisation's web pages for more information.
  • What scoring or ranking system is used in the leagues?
    Each League Organisation will have different methods of ranking shooters or teams within divisions. Some will simply use the gun scores for each round to position the shooters/teams after each round. You will need to check the League Information pages of each League Organisation to see what ranking system they use.

    The column alongside the score (gun score) column, with the little downward arrow, will provide the ranking information for that competition. 6 is the highest ranking in a division of 6 shooters or teams and 1 is the lowest. For more information contact the League Organiser for the organisation whose leagues you are entering.
  • How can I allow someone else access to manage my club?
    If you need someone else to have access to manage your club account - to enter scores for your league entries, for example, then please ask them to create their own personal account on the site. They can do that by clicking on Create Account in the orange menu. They will then need to add your club to their own personal account. Then, email the webmaster via the Contact link in the Rifle and Pistol Leagues menu on the right with the name of the new official, and we will apply permission to the user you specify. PLEASE NOTE: this functionality will be added to the site in the next phase of development so that Club Officials will be able to add new officials themselves without having to contact the Webmaster.
  • I want to add my club to this site. How do I do that?
    To be able to add a club to this site, to enter them into leagues, etc, you will first need to create an account for yourself, as an individual. You will then be able to add the club that you will be responsible for. Follow all the instructions in the help panels on the Account pages for this.

    You may find that someone else has already added your club to this site previously. When you type in the club name, on your Account page, a list of clubs with similar names will be shown. If your club is listed then select that and you will then be 'associated' with that club. If you wish to have permissions to be able to enter leagues or scores for that club then you will need to ask the person who may have created that club on this site in the first place. If you cannot do this then please contact the Webmaster via the Contact link in the Rifle & Pistol Leagues menu above.

  • Do I have to enter scores twice for cards shot concurrently?
    When shooters shoot team and individual cards concurrently we appreciate that you don't necessarily want to have to enter the same score twice. As you'll appreciate, not every club shooter will shoot both cards concurrently and not all leagues allow this, so for the system to automatically enter the same score into both competitions could cause problems for those clubs that don't shoot concurrently. To provide a functionality that will allow clubs to set this up on their accounts, thus saving them the time of entering scores twice, is on the developers' To Do list. Once this feature goes live we will put a notice on the Home Page of the site. Please be patient until then and continue to add the scores to both the individual and team competitions.
  • I am having problems logging in. The error says 'not recognised'
    Those users who have migrated from the old site will need to make sure they use the correct upper and lower case for their username and password. The old system was NOT case sensitive and accepted the username and password with any combination of upper and lower case characters. If you continue to have difficulties with logging in, or can't remember what the correct case was for your log in details, the new system will send you an email with a link to reset your details. Simply click on the Forgot your Password? link on the log in panel on the front page, or go directly to the Log In page. You can then enter your email address and the system will send you an email. The link in the email will take you to a page where you can create a new password. Just bear in mind that any Username or Password you create MUST be entered exactly the same when you log in again in the future.
  • I entered a league but it's no longer in the Enter Leagues page
    The leagues that are open to entry, and that are displayed in your Enter Leagues page, will be visible until midnight of the Entry Close date. Once that date has passed, the league is no longer open for entry and will not be shown on the page. If you didn't Summarise and Print your entry, and don't therefore have a copy to refer to when the entry date passes, you will need to contact the league organiser. This is a function of the site that is being developed at the moment.
  • Can I see the names of team members in competition results?
    If you run your mouse pointer over the name of the teams in the team competitions you will see a pop up that shows the names and averages of the team shooters. You can also see the individual scores for the team shooters in this panel.
  • How do I find out how much I have to pay for League Entries?
    Once you have entered your shooters into any league on this site you will need to click on the Summarise Entry button at the bottom of the panel for the league you are entering. That will take you to a page that lists your entries, along with the entry fees payable. You will also see how to make payment and where to send it. You can Print that page, if required by the league secretary for that league, and send it with your payment or keep it for your records.
  • Why can't I add scores? I am using a Mac with Firefox browser.
    There is a known bug in some versions of Firefox, running on Apple Mac computers, that is apparent while using this website. This bug prevents data entries from being saved into the database, in a nutshell. We are looking into ways to circumvent this issue and will fix it, if we are able. In the meantime, please could you use another browser such as Safari or Chrome. You shouldn't have a problem then.