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Welcome to the Cambridgeshire Target Shooting Leagues

We run all our self-scoring smallbore rifle leagues on this website and all our league competitions are open to shooters of any target rifle and/or pistol club in the UK.

This new site is a very much updated version of the old cambridgeshireshooting.com site, and if you've been using our old site up until now we hope you find this site easy to use. After 10 years the old workhorse has been put out to pasture! It has served us well but is now not fit for purpose as it wasn't designed or written to cope with the huge expansion and usage its seen over the years.

As our leagues are self-scoring we don't expect cards to be sent in the post, scores to be emailed, or anything equally time-consuming or costly! You can enter our leagues quickly and easily on this site and enter your shooters' scores each round at the click of a mouse. As soon as midnight of the round-end date is reached you'll be able to see the results for all competitions up to that round.

These are the competitions we run in both our Summer and Winter Leagues, that can be entered on this site:

  • 25yd individual and team (4) .22 rimfire
  • 50m individual and team (3) .22 rimfire
  • 100yd individual and team (3) .22 rimfire
  • 10m individual .177 air pistol
  • 10m individual .177 air rifle
  • 20yd individual .177 or .22 air pistol
  • short range benchrest individual and team (3) .22 or less
  • long range (50m and 100yd) benchrest individual .22 or less
  • 20yd/25m individual and team (3) LSR, .22 rimfire or .177 air rifle

Please check out our League Information and Rules and Regulations pages in the menu on the left for more information on our leagues.

To enter our leagues you will need to create an account, if you haven't done so already. Please note that you cannot enter these leagues as an individual - you need to be a member of a Home Office approved club. Please follow the instructions in the How to Enter our Leagues page in the menu on the left. If you have any problems using our site please contact us and we'll do all we can to help.

We run our leagues in accordance with the NSRA rules on shooting and scoring cards and even though we expect clubs to self-score, we do randomly and regularly call in shot cards for checking.

Welcome to our leagues!