Rules & Regs

Rules and Regulations for all the Eastern Region Leagues

  1. Averages will be calculated automatically by the online system to show each shooter’s average based on all cards shot to date over the current or previous league, if that shooter has competed in the most recent Eastern Region online league. Captains are not at liberty to amend these calculated averages without permission from the League Secretary.
  2. There are three instances when a Captain will need to enter an average for his shooter:
    • If the shooter has not participated in the Eastern Region online league before
    • If the shooter has not shot in the current or previous league and therefore has no current average stored in the system
    • If the shooter shot less that 5 cards throughout the current or previous league.
    • NB: Definition of current or previous league: if a shooter is entering a forthcoming league whilst still finishing the currently running league then this is the ‘current’ league. If a shooter enters a forthcoming league and the previous league is finished then that league is the ‘previous’ league.
  3. When a captain needs to enter an average for his shooter this average must either be the most recent average or if the shooter doesn’t have one of those, then the average must be taken from the best 5 of the last 6 cards shot.
  4. Any amendments made to the averages input boxes will be alerted automatically to the League Secretary when a league entry is submitted. Any amendments will need to be validated.
  5. Entries to the leagues must be made online by the given 'Enter By' date to be included in the leagues. Late entries will be accepted only at the discretion of the League Secretary.
  6. ALL our leagues are self-scoring. All shot cards are to be signed by the shooter, then witnessed and dated by a Club Official or someone that has been appointed as a witness. Scores are the responsibility of the Club Scorer/Captain and should be entered online directly by the Scorer. Any other club member who enters scores should be designated as a club Official in the club's online account.
  7. All shot cards should be gauged and scored outwardly with an NSRA flanged gauge for the distance being shot.
  8. Should Club Captains/Scorers not be able to enter scores online for any reason then scores need to be sent to the League Secretary (contact details are on Contacts Page of this website) by the Round End date shown in the League Rounds dates section
  9. Scores to be entered as points dropped for .22 leagues and points scored for the air pistol league.
  10. Cards can be shot and scores can be entered in advance of each round. You do not need to wait until a round has been completed before subsequent rounds are shot or scores entered.
  11. If an extension is required for any shooter then this must be requested before the Round End date for the round/s in question. No retrospective extensions will be granted after the Round has closed.
  12. Scores not entered or notified to the League Sec will be marked as NSR (no score received/recorded).
  13. Scores entered into the online database cannot be edited except by the League Sec. Should incorrect scores have been entered please notify the League Secretary. Shot cards relative to the score discrepancy may be required for checking before any editing is carried out.
  14. ALL shot cards must be held by the Club Captain/Scorer for a month after the last round in any season.  Stickers must be placed on each card so each shooter has a full set before starting to shoot in the league. Stickers should be stamped over with the club stamp or signed by the Club Captain or marked as proof that stickers have been applied according to the rules.
  15. Targets used must be the current approved NSRA Pattern for the distance and discipline being shot.
  16. Should a shooter be unable to shoot a substitute can be used for the Pairs only, please discuss this immediately with the League Secretary.