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Clubs or Individuals who are affiliated to HSBRPA are welcome to enter competitions that are hosted by the Association.

If you are not yet affiliated to HSBRPA you can do so via this link https://hsbrpa.org.uk/home/affiliation/

From the Summer 2023 season we will be running our small-bore rifle leagues as self-scoring competitions through this website. This will enable you to enter the competitions, submit scores and view results directly via this site. We therefore no longer require cards to be sent in the post or results emailed.

When midnight of the round-end date is reached you'll be able to see the results for all competitions up to that round.

We run our leagues in accordance with the NSRA rules on shooting and scoring cards and even though we expect clubs to self-score, we will randomly and regularly call in shot cards for checking. Therefore shot cards will need to be retained within clubs until 1 month after the closing date of the competition.

These are the competitions we run in our Summer and Winter Leagues, that can be entered on this site:

Air Rifle and Pistol

Benchrest Rifle (Air & Rimfire)

Lightweight Sporting Rifle

Prone Smallbore Rifle


Please follow the instructions in the 'How to Enter our Leagues' page in the left hand menu  LINK. If you have any problems using our site please contact us from the Contact link in the left hand menu and we'll do all we can to help.

Please note that in order for HSBRPA to manage our leagues we will use names provided in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and all competition participants are presumed to have opted in as a member of an Affiliated club. Specifically, the website does not require a log-in to view results, so competitors names may be visible to anyone.


For clubs contacts we hold additional information (address/phone/email) in order to manage the leagues. 


General Data Protection Regulations:

The information provided for affiliation and competition entry will be used in accordance with the HSBRPA Privacy Policy (available via LINK) and the Privacy Policy for this website LINK