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Contact - Help for Club Officials - Website Guide for Club Officials

What is

The website is the upgraded replacement for the CTSA and SCRA online league website,

This website offers small-bore target shooting associations the opportunity to run their self-scoring leagues online, thus saving them a huge amount of work and saving their clubs/shooters the time and expense of sending in scores and/or targets every round. Leagues can be created and entered in a few clicks, scores updated and results checked quickly likewise. It’s a streamlined and effortless system that is easy for all to use.

The site is ‘colour-coded’ and each section will have its own colour identity:

Grey: general information about the site
Orange: user/club account management
Light Blue: leagues and league management
Dark Blue: league association’s web pages
Purple: club web pages
Green: help for using the site
Red: bulletin boards


Help for using the site

Throughout the website you will find a green ‘Help’ panel that offers help on all aspects of the page you are on. All help from those pages is provided in the ‘Site Help’ link in the green Help menu at the top of the page. A Q&A page will be built up over time with questions about using the site.

First things first

You won’t be able to do anything much on the site, apart from check out results, without being logged in. If you have previously used our site, then you must use those log in details to access this site. If you aren’t sure of your log in details, the system will send you a link if you provide your email address where it says ‘Forgotten Password?’ in the log in panel on the front page or the log in page. Please don’t create a new account if you already have an account.

If you are entirely new to this site, then you will need to create an account. Even if you are creating an account as the representative of a shooting association or as a club official the account you create will be a personal account.

Please make sure you include a current, and regularly checked, email address and if you intend to enter a club into leagues you need to provide your address. This address will be used to send stickers for targets. Your email address and telephone number will also be needed for the league organisers to contact you, if needs be. Remember, you are NOT creating a club account – that all comes later…

Site menus

There are two dynamic menus on this site:

  1. The left hand side menu shows the League Organisations who run their leagues on this site, along with web pages they create to publicise their leagues and their organisations. The left hand menu will also eventually display links to the clubs registered on the site. The menu will also display links to organisations’ leagues, past, present and upcoming. These menus will be accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they are logged in or not. NB. Any leagues open to entry will not be accessible if you are not logged in, although they will still be listed.
  2. The menu along the top of the site. This menu displays items within the Account Admin and League sections that are relevant to the permissions that have been granted to you by either the system or the club or organisation you are associated with. These permissions will be described in the Account and League sections below.

Your Account

Everything to do with managing your personal account, or the clubs or organisations you are associated with, can be accessed via the Orange menu or panels.

You can create an account, as an individual, on this site. This will not grant you permission to enter leagues or competitions as you will need to be associated with a club or organisation.

If you have been using the previous league site,, you must use your usual log in details to access your account on this site. If you have never used our online league system before then you will need to create a new account. Click on Create Account and fill in the input fields.

The information you provide in the Account Holder’s Details section will be the details that any League Secretary will use to contact you, and send league target stickers, etc., so do ensure that ALL details are present and correct. This includes your email address. The affiliation or membership number field is optional.

Once you have created an account you will not have any additional permissions for the site but you will be able to create or associate with a club or organisation.

Adding Clubs or Organisations to your account - permissions

NB. Unless you are an official for a club or organisation wishing to enter leagues (or create and run competitions or leagues) you do not need to add a club to your account.

Clubs and organisations are separate entities to your own personal account and when you create or add a club to your account, all you are doing is ‘associating’ with that club. If you create a new club or organisation, then you will have full rights to manage that club/organisation account. If you add a club or organisation to your account that someone else has already created, then you will not have automatic rights to manage that club. To obtain permissions to manage that club or organisation you must contact the person who created the club account on the site. Failing that, contact via the Contact link in the top, right hand side menu.

How to add Clubs or Organisations to your account

Access your My Account page via the Orange menu at the top. To the right of the orange box with the Account Holder’s Details you will see an orange box ‘Create or Add Clubs or Associations’. If your account has migrated from the’s website, then the club/s you are associated with will already be listed in your Account page. If you are new to this site, or your club isn’t listed on your Account page, then you will need to add or create a club.

  1. Click on the + symbol within the Club/Association box
  2. Start to type the name of your club or association in the first input box. As you start to type a list of other clubs and associations with the same letters you are typing will appear. If you see the club or association that you wish to add to your account, click on that name and it will appear in the input box. NB. Please do NOT replicate a club if it is already listed.
  3. If the club is not listed then type in the full name of the club, not an abbreviated version.
  4. In the Abbreviated Name box type in a shortened version of the club name, which is 16 characters or less. This box is required as the abbreviated name will be used in various places around the site, as well as on league target stickers. The system will abbreviate the club name, if you don’t!
  5. Select whether the organisation is a club or association (e.g. county association or NGB)
  6. If your organisation has a fixed permanent address then you can add this, if you wish.
  7. You will then need to add a contact email and telephone number for your association. The email address is essential if you wish people to be able to contact you.
  8. Click on Add Association
  9. You can edit (by clicking on the little green pencil icon) at any time or remove (by clicking on the little pink pencil rubber icon) your club/association from your account. This doesn’t delete it from the main database or from being available for others to add to their accounts.

Managing your Clubs or Associations

Once you have added a NEW club or association to your account, another menu item (Organisation Admin) will appear in the orange menu along the top of the site. If you added a club or association that had previously been created by someone else, then no additional menu item will appear. This is because you will have no permissions to manage that club or association. Contact other officials in that club to ask for permissions to allow you to manage aspects of the club.

You will be able to access the club or association management panel by either clicking on the ‘Organisation Admin’ link in the orange menu or by clicking on the orange ‘Manage’ button within the Clubs and Associations panel within your My Account page.

When you click on either the Organisation Admin or Manage links you will be taken to a page where you can manage the club’s shooters and your organisations’ web pages.

Managing your organisation’s web pages

At this very moment, any web pages you create, as a club, will not be displayed publicly. This will be changed in the next upgrade to the site. You are at liberty to create web pages for your club if you wish and they will soon be accessible to the public.

  1. Click on the little + icon in the Manage Organisation Web Pages panel
  2. There are 6 types of web pages you can create for your club’s mini site:
  1. Custom – this can be any information you like, such as information about your club’s joining instructions. You can choose the menu link title as well as the page title in this page type. You can have any number of custom pages on your site.
  2. Home page – this is a default page that will be the first to be displayed when a user clicks on your club name on the website. This will be one page that you can’t really do without! You can include all your club information on this page should you wish. You cannot change the menu link title in this page type
  3. Contact – this is another default page where the menu link title cannot be changed
  4. About Us – another default page you can include details about your club or association
  5. League Information – another default page
  6. Rules & Regs – another default page
  1. You do not need to use any of the default pages, where the menu link titles and page titles have been provided to simplify things for you. You can create all Custom pages. NB, the default HOME page is linked, in the system, to be displayed when a user clicks on your club name elsewhere in the website.
  2. The CONTACT page is a contact form, which is built into the system, so that a visitor to your site can contact you without you having to display your email address to the internet. If you check out the ‘Contact’ pages of other organisations on this site, you will see what the Contact page on your site would like.

Building your web pages

The web building system on this site is simple to use, and to make it even simpler, you can copy pages directly from an external programme such as Microsoft Word and the formatting (paragraphs, headings, fonts, etc.) will stay the same on your web page. The text editor is also simple to use and you can experiment with what looks best and delete whatever doesn’t!

  1. Page Type: as described above, you can either use the predefined pages, such as About Us, Rules & Regs, and League Information, or create your own. The Home and Contact pages are useful to use as the system puts them in the right place in your club’s mini site’s menu. The menu link titles of the other default pages are also not editable. If you select Custom type you can any number of additional pages to your mini site but you can only have one each of the default, predefined pages
  2. Custom Page Menu Link Title: whatever you put in this field will be shown in the menu of your club’s mini site. Therefore, it’s important that you make this title succinct, short and clear. You can have word spaces but you cannot use special characters such as /
  3. Predefined, default page, Menu Link Title: you cannot edit this field
  4. Page Title: you can entitle your pages whatever you wish
  5. Contact Email(s): this field is only found on the Contact page. You must include an email address here of the person who will answer queries from the website to your club. You can include more than one email address. Simply separate each email address with a semi-colon (;). NB, these email addresses will NOT be shown on the website as they are hidden behind the contact form. The system will send an email to whoever’s email address is included here once the user clicks on the Send button.
  6. Page Content: the page content input field can be used as you would use any word processor. If you wish to copy data directly from a Word document, place your cursor inside the Page Content box and click on the little clipboard icon with a ‘W’ on it. Your browser may make you copy the content to another input box and you should follow any instructions should that happen. Any formatting that you copied from Word will stay the same. You can also paste from another website by copying the data you want, click your mouse inside the Page Content box and then click the little clipboard with the document on it. Again, you may need to copy the data into another browser window, depending on your browser, but all formatting will be copied.
  7. Page Content formatting: you will find all the usual formatting options for text in this editor. You can also add tables by clicking on the ‘Table’ icon and templates by clicking on the little icon to the right of the table icon. If you run your mouse over all the icons, you will see a little pop up message that tells you what it is. If you wish to view your page, while you create it, you can click on the icon with little arrows pointing at each corner. This will make the page full screen with the editing menu along the top. NB, it is really important if working in full screen mode that you minimise the screen again, using the same button, to take you back to the previous page or else you will not be able to save that page. If you use your browser’s back button instead of minimising the editing screen you will lose everything you created on that page! When you have finished creating your page click on the ‘Add Page’ button. You will lose all your work if you don’t click on this button!

Editing your web pages

Once you have created your pages, they will be listed in your Site Pages Admin page. The date that they were last updated will be displayed so you can check to see whether any relevant updates have been made. If you wish to edit any page, click on the little green pencil icon. Remember to click on the ‘Update Page’ button when you have finished editing.

You can preview your pages by clicking on the page name in the list. They are direct links to the page you have created. This way you can check to see how they look and whether you need to edit them.

Managing your Shooters

You will need to add your club shooters to your club account (if you have permissions) before you can enter any leagues on this site. To do this click on either the Organisation Admin link in the orange menu section at the top of the page or click on the orange Manage button inside the club’s panel in your My Account page. Then click on the Manage Club Shooters orange panel in the Organisation Admin page.

If your account was migrated from the’s then all your club’s shooters will be listed. If you need to edit those entries, click on the little green pencil icon alongside the names and edit the fields shown. You may wish to include your shooters’ telephone number and/or email address here. The details will not be shown anywhere on the website. If the shooter is under 21 (junior) tick in the box and then add their year of birth. Organisers of some leagues award prizes to juniors and ticking this box will provide league organisers with this information. You may also wish to store information on shooters here such as their club membership number or NGB affiliation number. Make sure you click Update Shooter if you make any changes.

You can delete shooters who no longer shoot, or who are not members of your club, by clicking on the little pink pencil rubber icon. This doesn’t delete shooters from the system but removes them from your club.

Entering Leagues

The links in the blue Leagues menu along the top of the page will change depending on the permissions you have on the site. If you aren’t logged in, don’t have permission to manage shooters, or a club, then there will be no links in the menu. Once you are logged in AND have appropriate permissions then other links in the menu will appear such as Manage Leagues, Enter Leagues, and Enter Scores.

Entering leagues

If you have an ‘Enter Leagues’ link in your menu, then you will be able to enter ‘Open’ leagues offered on this site. You can access the Enter Leagues page by clicking on the Enter Leagues link or the Manage Leagues link in the blue Leagues menu. When you open that page click on the blue ‘Enter Leagues’ panel.

On the next page you will see one or more blue boxes with the name of a league open to entry. You should only see leagues that you have previously entered, or which are open for you to enter. Each League Association’s panel will have a list of all the disciplines available to enter in that season’s league. The list will show the closing date for entry and an ‘i’ icon which, when you run your mouse over it, will give a brief description of the competition. You will also be able to get full information on open leagues on offer across the site in the web pages of the league association offering the league. Click on the league organisation in the left hand menu and select their page that gives information on their leagues.

To enter the leagues, click on the blue ‘Enter Now’ button on each of the competitions listed in turn, that you wish to enter. The next step is to ‘Select your shooters’ for the competition you have selected. Click on the + button on the top right of the blue box. From the drop down list alongside the Shooter’s Name box, select the shooter you wish to enter. If that shooter has previously shot in the last season’s league, in the same competition, then that shooter’s average will automatically be displayed in the Shooter’s Average box. If no average is displayed, then you will need to enter the current average for that shooter. This can be the shooter’s current NSRA average or derived from the best 5 of the last 6 cards shot. If in doubt, contact the league secretary for that competition.

When you have added all the shooters for that competition, click on the ‘Back’ button or click on the Enter Leagues link in the blue Leagues menu. You can also click on your browser’s ‘Back’ button. Continue to enter all the competitions/leagues your shooters wish to enter, across all the leagues on offer on your Enter Leagues page.

Entering new leagues

If you wish to enter leagues that your club hasn’t entered before then you can browse the League Organisation in the left hand menu. Click on any of the names of the league organisations and their open leagues will be listed in the pale blue box below the league organisers menu. Click on any of the links to be taken to the League Entry page for that league.

Closed leagues

If the league organisation chooses to have restrictions on entry into their leagues, then they will give details of this in their League Information page, in the menu below their name in the left hand menu. This league will then be closed to any entries apart from those who have entered before and those who match their entry criteria and who seek permission to enter their leagues. You can ask the league organiser by clicking on the ‘Contact’ link in the menu below the League Organisation listed in the left hand menu.

Editing league entries

When you have entered your shooters you will see, on the Enter Leagues page, a little green pencil icon alongside the competition names you have entered. You can edit your entries at any point until the Closing Date by clicking on that edit icon.

Summarising your entries

When you have completed entering all the competitions on offer within each league, click on the ‘Summarise Entry’ button at the bottom of each blue panel on the Enter Leagues page. NB, you can amend or cancel your entries right up until midnight of the closing date. When you click on ‘Summarise Entry’ you will be taken to a page that itemises your entries into each league, giving you a full list of entries, long with the costs of your total entry. From that page you can, once again, edit your entry should you need.

You will notice a column in the summary panel called SysAve. Text in this column is in red. This column shows the averages that the system holds for shooters, based on their previous season’s performance in leagues run on the site. This is the average that the system would use for shooters f or new entries into competitions of the same discipline. If this system average is changed, the league organiser will be able to see the changes and will be at liberty to query them, if required. This information is automatically sent to the league organiser, in an email, by the system.

When you are ready to complete your league entry you can press on the ‘Print’ button on the Summary page. This sends an email of your entries to both yourself and the league organiser. On the Print page you can use your browser’s print function to print out your entry, if it is required by your league organiser.

On the Print page the details of how to pay the league organiser and where to send your payment will be displayed.

NB. You are still able to amend your league entries right up until the league entry closing date. Only the very last version of your entry will be held on the database.

Repeat all the above for all leagues your club wishes to enter.

Entering Scores

You can access the score entry page via two links: the ‘Enter Scores’ link in the Leagues menu along the top of the page and via your ‘Manage Leagues’ page.

NB, the ‘Round End’ dates are the dates that you must get scores entered online by midnight of that date. It is the responsibility of the club captain to collect scores from his/her shooters well in advance of that date. We suggest you don’t give the Round End dates on this site as the date for your shooters to provide their scores. Results for each round will be shown immediately after midnight of the Round End date. Once the Round End date has passed, the entry field will be un-editable and you will need to get in touch with the league organiser to ask if they would be prepared to accept late scores.

How to enter scores

After clicking on the Enter Scores link, you will be taken to a page that will show a blue panel for each of the organisations whose leagues you have entered. To enter the scores for each competition within one of those leagues, click on the ‘Enter Scores’ button alongside the name of the competition. You will be taken to a page listing all your club shooters entered into that competition. You will be able to enter the scores for any round that hasn’t passed. Therefore, your shooters can shoot cards in advance of the round end dates but their scores for rounds that aren’t current will not be displayed on the results page until each round date has passed. You will not be able to change any scores that have already been entered unless the round end date hasn’t been reached. Once round end dates have passed, no scores for that or previous rounds can be edited. Passed rounds will be shown in grey text.

When you enter a score that the system can validate – i.e. confirm is correct, within the scoring parameters – the score you have entered will turn green to confirm this.

NB, you do not need to ‘Save’ scores that are entered on this page. Once they have been entered into the scores’ fields they are saved to the system database after 2 seconds. They will also be saved automatically as soon as you move your mouse away from the score field. You can amend scores, at any time, if needed, as long as the round end date has not passed.

Scoring errors

Be sure to familiarise yourself with the scoring rules for each competition. Make sure that if the scoring is ‘Points Dropped’ that you enter that score into the relevant entry field. Any errors will show up in red. The scoring system for each competition is also displayed at the top of the Enter Scores page.

If you notice any scoring errors made in your account then you will be able to change those scores as long as the round the score is in hasn’t passed, i.e. turned grey. If the round has passed, then you will need to contact the League Secretary or Stats Officer.

Checking Results

You can check the results for any of the leagues run on this website by first clicking on the League Organisation you wish to see results for, in the left hand menu.

In the pale blue panel below the League Organisations, on the left, you will see all the current leagues that the League Organisation is running. Click on whichever league results you wish to view.

Once you access any results page you will see drop down lists at the top of the panel giving you access to all other league results, including those from previous years.