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Welcome to the Bury St. Edmunds Small-Bore Rifle Club

Bury St. Edmunds Small-Bore Rifle Club only shoots .22 target rifle.

The club has 6 firing points from which we shoot at 25 yards, 50 metres and 100 yards. We encourage members to participate in both summer and winter leagues, which are shot on the Bury range.

There is also a full programme of outside shoots, details of which are available on the club's notice boards. Many members of the club attend these events and have been extremely successful in the past.

The club has many competitions for club members to take part in, such as the club championship. These competitions can be explained once you become a member.

Club night is every Wednesday from 7pm. only 25-yard shooting takes place on a club night. Once a full member, you can shoot at the club 7 days a week, at all distances, provided another full adult club member is in attendance with you.

The cost of membership:
The annual subscription for full adult members is £170.00 (2020).
The annual subscription for junior members is £85.00.
Probationary members are charged a range fee for each visit to the range
(currently £3), which is refunded if you become a full member. Ammunition is purchased by each individual and held by the club in their name (current price is from approximately £4.00 per box of 50 rounds).