New members & applying

Training and Induction

As required by the home office, all probationary members, regardless of experience, are required to attend the induction training sessions. these are usually held on a Thursday evening, so as not to conflict with a normal club night (Wednesday).

The induction training sessions are designed to cover the basic elements of shooting a smallbore target rifle. subjects include: - safety, equipment, targets, basic technique and range discipline.
The club is able to provide a complete range of equipment for use by probationary members at no cost – rifles (both R/H and L/H), telescopes, slings, ear defenders, mats and gloves. shooting jackets are also available, but we cannot guarantee to fit all.

Ammunition will be issued by the instructor. every round must be accounted for. only persons holding a valid firearms certificate are permitted to take ammunition away from the range.
Safety is paramount. all probationary members must follow the instructions on weapon handling and live firing to the letter. Failure to do so will result in the person being asked to leave the premises. Their application for membership will not be processed further.

The club is fortunate to have amongst its membership a regional coach, club coach and a handful of qualified and active club instructors. Furthermore, the club requires that all adult members, once they have been a full member for a year, become qualified as range conducting officers. this is a recognised NSRA qualification, for which the club will pay, and for which it is able to provide the necessary advice and assessment. This way the club can be confident that, whenever live firing is taking place, there is a qualified person in charge of the firing point.

Membership Application

A membership application and membership renewal form can be viewed & downloaded by clicking here.